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Our latex mattresses are made with 100% pure natural latex, not a combination of latex and synthetic materials. Latex mattresses are designed to offer both support and pressure point relief and can be beneficial to all types of sleepers: back, side, and stomach.

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As a true factory direct company with 45 years of experience, we eliminate middle-man markups and bring substantial savings to our customers. The most important thing we deliver is "value". Our products and services are never compromised; we believe in providing customers with high-quality mattresses without having to pay the price. We are known for our affordable rates, great customer service, and most importantly, creating the nation’s best natural latex mattress.

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Natural Latex Mattress

SleepEZ's Select Sleep Natural Latex Mattress offers lifetime flexibility and comfort. Due to its extreme durability and flexibility the natural latex mattress will not sag after long use and does not transmit movement, meaning you won’t disturb your sleeping partner. Our Select Sleep Natural Latex Mattress can be customized to match your firmness preference in soft, medium, firm or extra firm. Over the life of your mattress, you can rearrange or replace these layers in your own home to achieve a different firmness, based on your changing needs.

Starting at $799.00

Organic Latex Mattress

The Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress is completely customizable to match your firmness preference. With 2-4 layers of 100% Natural GOLS & Oeko-Tek Certified Dunlop or 100% Natural Talalay latex in soft, medium, firm, and extra firm PLUS the ability to split layers for king and queen mattresses, you and your partner are guaranteed a good night’s sleep based on your own personal preferences. The layers are then enclosed in our quilted GOTS certified Organic Cotton and Organic Wool cover with a 360° zipper design, which makes swapping your layer effortless. Our Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress conforms perfectly to your body's contours and evenly supports the spine to provide optimal orthopedic support. Get better sleep when you choose SleepEZ’s Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress.

Starting at $999.00

Hybrid Mattress

The Select Sleep Hybrid latex mattress delivers incredible comfort at an incredible value. You can now experience the healthy benefits and superior comfort qualities of natural latex over individual coils at a price that will let you sleep well at night. The Select Sleep Hybrid latex mattress is 5 inches of 100% natural latex rubber made from sustainably harvested resources. If you are in search of an eco-friendly material to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, the hybrid mattress is your solution. With durability, resilience, and temperature control, the hybrid mattress is guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep.

Starting at $749.00

Roma Latex Mattress

Stop thinking you have to purchase a “one-size-fits-all” mattress when you can purchase the Roma Latex Mattress that is flippable, giving you both firm and medium comfort levels for when your sleeping preferences change. Purchasing a mattress is a big commitment and if you aren’t exactly sure what your personal comfort preference is, the Roma Latex Mattress may be your “perfect fit.” Latex’s superior support properties help you achieve a neutral spine position while sleeping, helping you avoid aches and pains in the morning. Latex gently cradles your body without giving you that stuck in one place feeling that memory foam gives you thanks to its superior rebound properties. You’ll sleep cooler on latex thanks to its open cell structure that promotes airflow.

Starting at $650.00

Adjustable Beds

The iSleepEZ Adjustable Base is the perfect addition to your natural latex mattress. With an under the bed night light, head and foot massage, and lounge features, you won’t find a more relaxing adjustable bed frame. The iSleepEZ Adjustable Base comes with a wireless remote that offers 5 memory positions making it easy to find your perfect lounge position every time. Sleep easy when you add the iSleepEZ Adjustable Base to your mattress purchase today!

Starting at $725.00

Mattress Toppers

Purchasing a 100% natural latex mattress topper is an easy way to upgrade any bed that has gotten uncomfortable or simply needs a little extra oomph. Latex mattress toppers are also a great way to experience the benefits of sleeping on latex without making a commitment to purchasing an entire mattress. Our toppers are available in 3 different latex types, all bed sizes, 2 different thicknesses and with or without a cover.

Starting at $180.00

Latex Pillows

SleepEZ’s latex pillows are made from 100% Natural Shredded or Solid Latex. The Natural Shredded Latex Pillow can be molded to your personal shape and feel do to the various sizes of shredded latex inside of the pillow. The shredded material can be added or removed for optimal comfort based on your individual preference of softness. The Solid Latex Pillow is firm and will not lose shape over years of use. Sleep better when you add a Natural Latex Mattress to your order today!

Starting at $49.00

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Industry Leader Since 1976

We are a third generation, family owned & operated, and factory direct premium latex mattress company. We specialize in the fully customizable Select Sleep latex mattress.

Adjustment At Any Time

You can reconfigure the firmness of your mattress by unzipping the cover and re-arranging your latex layers. You can also exchange a layer or change the mattress cover to get a different feel from your mattress. If your preferences change or if your physical needs change, even years from now, your mattress can change along with you. Every component of the Select Sleep mattress is changeable and replaceable, allowing you to buy new mattress components instead of a new mattress.

Tailored To Your Needs

Every recommendation we make is personalized and based on a person's height, body weight, and sleeping position. We know there is no such thing as a "one size fits all mattress," and the remarkable adjustability of our Select Sleep mattresses allows us to build a mattress just for you. In fact, with a split-layered mattress, we can build one mattress that suits you and your partner.

Terrific Mattress

"My wife and I love our mattress. The latex is super comfortable and the customer service we got from SleepEZ has been terrific. They answered all my questions and shipping was super easy. All in all a great mattress, value, and company to work with."

Cole C. / Natural Latex Mattress

The one we have been looking for

"Finally found the mattress we have been looking for and these guys had it for way less than the other stores plus we got free pillows, which are our new favorites and they had it done in less than 24 hrs and they are super nice!! Ka-ching winner winner chicken dinner"

Lazarus C. / Organic Latex Mattress

Great support, great comfort!

"We are very impressed with this Roma mattress. Great value! It took us a few nights to get used to it at first as our last mattress was too plush/soft and not supportive enough. Now we absolutely love this mattress!"

Andrew O. / Roma Latex Mattress


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