Best Value For Latex

“Latex” and 100% Latex Mattresses

Some “latex mattresses” are not 100% latex. Sleep EZ latex mattresses are 100% latex mattresses, hence the higher price. The benefit of having latex in a mattress is magnified when the mattress is 100% latex. A “latex mattress” that is not all latex does not provide the same value.

100% Means 100% True Latex Quality

Latex’s durability is an important reason to go with latex. When mattress companies sell customers “latex mattresses” that are not all latex, they are misleading customers about the durability of the product. The non-latex layers of the mattress will wear down quicker than the latex will. A mattress is usually only as durable as its least durable components. A 100% latex mattress by comparison is very durable because it does materials such as polyurethane foam, which wears down quickly.

Latex Is Healthier & More Natural

The properties of a pure latex mattress are unique. For instance, latex does not emit toxic chemicals upon opening like many petroleum based foam mattresses. There is no persistent “outgassing” odor. Latex mattresses do have a slight latex-scent for the first few days after being open, but the scent is faint, non-toxic, and dissipates within a few days. Many so called latex mattresses contain foams that outgas and contain potentially toxic chemicals. The inclusion of these non-latex foams diminishes the advantages of buying a latex mattress. To enjoy what latex has to offer 100% latex is the only way to go.

Latex from Sleep EZ is the Best Value

Low prices aren’t the only thing to look for; you also need to look for value. Sometimes mattress companies will push a low price to attract customers but for the price sellers offer low value in return. At Sleep EZ we offer low prices that give customers great value. Our 100% latex mattresses are far more durable and comfortable than the “latex mattresses” that our competitors offer. In addition, our prices for latex mattresses are far below nearly all our competitors. With a superior product and low prices Sleep EZ offers the best value for latex mattresses on the market.