Chill Out & Sleep Better This Summer

Now that summer is officially here (yay!) so is the heat and humidity (boo!) A steamy bedroom sounds oh so sultry, until the reality hit you that being hot & humid in bed is a BAD thing. Research suggests you’ll sleep best in a room the is between 60 and 67 degrees. If you don’t have AC or simply can’t justify cranking it down that low, there are a few ways to stay cool without breaking the bank.

Your Pillows: Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Did you know that polyester and down pillows actually retain heat? It is tempting to pick up cheap pillows on a regular basis, but you’re actually paying the price in comfort and breathability. Memory foam is a popular option and is a bit more breathable than polyester and down, but there are various reports that indicate some memory foam can be toxic – that doesn’t sound like a great thing to have right next to your face. If you want a quick way to cool down in bed, try a latex shredded foam pillow. First of all, latex is highly breathable and when shredded, it will contour perfectly to your head and neck. Pillow too thick? Just remove some of the filling. It’s that easy.

Your Sheets: This may not seem obvious because it’s not like a sheet is inherently“warm.” However,  there are some materials that are better suited to summer sleeping than others. At the top of our list is bamboo, microfiber and 100% organic cotton. These materials are not only breathable, but they also have excellent moisture-wicking properties. You can stash away the flannel, satin and synthetic blend sheets for cooler nights. You can follow this same advice for your pajama choice or shun them all together in the summer months.

Your Mattress: Have you ever been to a sporting event in the summer and gotten all sweaty when sitting on a lawn chair that wasn’t mesh? That’s because there wasn’t any airflow to help you stay cool and dry. This is exactly what happens when your mattress doesn’t breathe – it robs you of airflow to keep cool in bed. There are many mattresses that tout their breathability thanks to lots of bells and whistles and syntheticmaterials, but why take your chances on something engineered when there
is a guaranteed natural solution? We’re talking about latex. Latex is derived naturally from the rubber tree and happens to have excellent breathability thanks to its open cell structure. Not only will you sleep cooler, you won’t have to wonder what might be lurking under your mattress cover that might not be super safe for long-term inhalation.

Summer has only just begun, so there’s time to get your bedroom set up for sleeping cool without spending all your hard-earned cash on the AC bill.