Downsides of Glued Layers

Dangerous Chemicals in Glues

Many types of glue used in mattress manufacturing are toxic or carcinogenic. The chemical formaldehyde, found in adhesives used in the manufacture of mattresses, is so noxious that when scientists use it in a lab, they must cover their entire faces and use a fume hood to avoid breathing it in. Many adhesives contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are potentially carcinogenic. Although public health officials do not have much direct information about the effects that these chemicals have on mattress users, it is safe to say that it is best to avoid these substances.

Sleep EZ latex mattresses do not use any toxic glues. Instead, we seal the latex layers into the cover, and they adhere to one another completely naturally, due to the gripping properties of latex. These properties of latex allow Sleep EZ to build your mattress using the least amount of glue possible.

Glued Mattresses Are Not Customizable

Finding the mattress that is perfectly suited to your desires can be a timely and arduous task. Sometimes the only way to tell if a mattress is right is to take it home and sleep on it for a while. One of the many benefits of buying a Sleep EZ latex mattress is that they are highly customizable. Our mattresses are designed to allow any customer to open their mattress and adjust the arrangement of the layers. For instance, if you bought a mattress with a firm layer on the bottom, medium in the middle, and soft on top, and your mattress is too soft then you could switch the top and bottom layers to make it firmer.

By contrast, all glued layers are not customizable. With a glued mattress, there is no way to change the arrangement of layers if your mattress no longer provides the correct type of comfort. Mattresses that avoid the use of glued layers offer a far better value for your dollar because if your mattress no longer satisfies you, then you can adjust it or order a single layer rather than buying an entirely new mattress.