Foundations For Latex Mattresses

How To Choose a Foundation?

After deciding which mattress is right for you, the next step is to choose your preferred foundation for
it. Because some mattress foundations are more appropriate for latex mattresses than others, we’d like to offer our expert advice about foundations.

There are types of mattress foundations that work best with a latex mattress: a foundation for a latex mattress must simultaneously support the mattress fully as well as allow it to breathe. For a latex mattress, if you are going to be purchasing a box spring, one with slats that are less than 3” apart is ideal (2.75” is usually best). A box spring with the proper spacing between slats allows the mattress to have some air on the bottom so that heat does not build up inside of it, and it provides suitable support for the mattress so that the latex does not sag between the slats. If you let your latex mattress sag between the slats, the foam will prematurely weaken as it stretches between the gaps. Sleep EZ offers quality box springs straight from its website, made by US Box Spring.

Another popular option is a luxury adjustable base. These bases are an excellent choice for someone who is looking to maximize the versatility of their mattress. These adjustable bases allow you to change the functionality of your bed with complete ease. Need to sit up to read? Just adjust your frame, and you’re ready to cozy up with a book. Do you need to elevate your head to relieve snoring? Easy!
Getting a split adjustable allows you to take the customization even further, allowing both sleepers to sleep the exact way they prefer in the very same bed.

Sleep EZ sells adjustable frames made by Leggett & Platt and Reverie, offered directly through our website. When you purchase one through Sleep EZ you get free White Glove delivery service, and if you purchase a mattress and a foundation together, there are discounts as well. We hope to provide the foundation for perfect sleep.