Latex Mattress Foundation

How To Choose a Mattress Foundation?

When considering the ideal mattress foundation for your chosen mattress, it’s crucial to select one that complements its specific characteristics. At SleepEZ, we understand the significance of this decision and aim to provide expert guidance on foundation selection to enhance your overall sleep experience.

For latex mattresses, the foundation plays a critical role in both supporting the mattress adequately and facilitating proper airflow. Optimal support is achieved with a foundation featuring slats spaced no more than 3 inches apart, with 2.75 inches being the preferred width. This spacing allows for ventilation beneath the mattress, preventing the accumulation of heat and ensuring longevity by preventing sagging between slats. To facilitate this, SleepEZ offers high-quality foundations, meticulously handcrafted to meet these specifications.

Alternatively, our range includes luxury adjustable bases, providing unparalleled versatility to optimize your sleeping environment. These bases offer effortless adjustments, allowing you to elevate your head for reading or alleviate snoring by raising the head position. Opting for a split adjustable base takes customization a step further, accommodating individual preferences for both sleepers sharing the same bed.

At SleepEZ, we prioritize convenience and customer satisfaction. Our adjustable bases, assembled by Ergomotion, are available for direct purchase and come with complimentary FedEx shipping. Moreover, to enhance your shopping experience, we will soon introduce White Glove In-Home Delivery and Setup services at an affordable cost, ensuring seamless integration of your new sleep solution into your home environment.