Local Arizona Manufacturer Has Created One Of The Most Sustainable & Comfortable Organic Latex Mattresses

Sustainable & Comfortable Organic Latex Mattresses

As more people are focused on our planet’s sustainability and looking to reduce the number of chemicals they’re exposing themselves & their families to, more and more people are looking at latex mattresses as the solution. 

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress, matters store and manufacturer in Tempe, AZ

Organic latex mattresses not only remove most of the chemicals associated with typical mattresses, but they are also highly sustainable as they come from the sap from trees. Sleep EZ Latex Mattress has been way ahead of the game for years, in providing high quality, natural latex mattresses and latex organic mattresses nationwide. Sleep EZ is one of the oldest independent mattress brands in the United States. 

“We have an unparalleled knowledge of our niche, having been building 100% latex mattresses since 1992,” says Founder & Owner of Sleep EZ Latex Mattress, Larry Wolfe. Not only are Sleep EZ’s natural latex mattresses environmentally sustainable AND healthy for yourself, but they are widely considered some of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses on the market. A benefit to using latex mattresses in Arizona or anywhere else with a higher temperature is that the natural properties of a latex mattress allow air to flow through it. Latex regulates your body temperature at night and whisks away moisture, allowing for a more comfortable and peaceful sleep.

The Roma Latex Mattress is considered one of the best value mattresses for your money, regularly receiving 5 stars from trusted review sites like Google. One of the most unique qualities about the Roma mattress is that it actually has 2 firmness levels. Many people prefer a firm or medium feel. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, Sleep EZ knows that as we age, our sleep preferences change as well. That’s why they developed the Roma Mattress with the simplistic ability to flip over your mattress to experience a completely different firmness level. Not only that, but these beds come with a 10 year warranty. These mattresses don’t break down like normal mattresses do and because of the unique way that they are built, they are able to be shipped anywhere in the nation. 

All Roma mattresses include an organic cotton cover which promotes many additional health benefits. Since the cotton is farmed without the use of chemicals, it can cause fewer respiratory issues and reduce allergies. And since the organic cotton cover is quilted into channels, it allows your sheets to stay in place and adds extra support to help alleviate pressure points.

Are you looking for a more customizable latex mattress? Well, Sleep EZ has the solution for you! Similar to the Roma mattress, the Select Sleep Hybrid Latex Mattress allows you to choose to experience different firmness levels on each side of the mattress. However, the Hybrid Mattress was created with a unique combination of both coil and latex technology. This allows the mattress to contour to the shape of your body using motion isolated coils for superior comfort and reduced partner disturbance.

The Select Sleep Hybrid Mattress also pairs perfectly with an adjustable foundation. Mattresses that have an adjustable foundation need to contour to the base when raising the head or foot. Their Hybrid mattress gently adjusts to any featured position your foundation offers. The iSleepEZ adjustable foundation includes a wireless remote, one-touch flat button, and so much more. An adjustable foundation for your new customizable bed makes an excellent choice toward a more healthy sleep experience.

If you’re ready to take customization to the next level, then be sure to check out Sleep EZ’s Organic Latex Mattresses! This mattress actually allows you to customize his and her sides! Choose between soft, medium, and firm layers and simply reorganize your side to your comfort level. The organic mattress is extremely durable and will not sag over time. One of the unique factors about this mattress is it’s hypoallergenic properties and the fact that it is also antibacterial! This bed does not have springs which means it’s very flexible and you won’t be disturbed by your partner moving in the middle of the night. Because the mattress is less dense than most other mattresses, it allows for flexibility around the shoulders and hips, ensuring relief and back alignment. There is also additional firmness around the lumbar area which helps prevent spine depression.   

Considering the average human spends ⅓ of their life in bed, and because of the current pandemic, people are spending more time in their house than ever before. Purchasing a bed that is going to make you feel great is more important than it has ever been! Not only does Sleep EZ provide the best value and the most affordable latex beds in the industry, but they have great sustainability practices so you can feel great about your mattress purchase. 

While Sleep EZ does have the ability to ship their mattresses all over the United States, they also have a mattress showroom in Tempe, Arizona where you can come try the mattress before you buy it! The Sleep EZ showroom has over 60 positive reviews on Google and has a very welcoming & knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to answer any of your questions. Visit our Tempe mattress store today or go online to explore our many mattress options!