What if You Could Nap at Work?

The connection between naps and productivity is one that has been heavily researched and proven in science. While we may think of napping as a childhood activity, power napping adults reap benefits such as improved cognitive performance, increased capacity for learning and reduced stress. So, what’s a working 9-5’er to do when it is the middle of the workday? If you’re lucky, your company might have adopted a napping policy – or at least not frown at the idea of letting you catch a little snooze at your desk. If your performance increases, as a result, it is a win-win. If your company is not yet on the nap bandwagon, here are some ideas to pitch to your HR department or wellness coordinator for implementing a nap program.

1. Suggest a mandatory nap or meditation break. This is in addition to your lunch break that can be done without even leaving your desk. For 15-20 minutes, focus on relaxing through a guided meditation app or simply close your eyes somewhere quiet.

2. Create a quiet room or area. If your office has an unused office, consider turning that into a quiet room where employees can go to regenerate. If your quiet room is stock with a couch and some pillows, even better. Institute a sign-up process and be sure there is a lock on the door so that no unwelcome interruptions occur. If your office is just a big, open space, set aside one corner and hang pipe and drape to create a cozy nook for relaxation.

3. Short on space but really embrace the nap idea? Invest in something like an EnergyPod. This special lounger is packed with technology to help aid relaxation and promote rejuvenation. It is a pricey suggestion coming in at around $12,000, but the increased productivity of your team should more than make up for this investment in a short amount of time.

If all else fails, maybe it is time to consider a more wellness-oriented place of employment. Among the most sleep-friendly companies include Google, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ben & Jerry’s and Cisco. If the corporate life isn’t for you, it is becoming increasingly accepted to work remotely at least part of the time. If you’re lucky enough to negotiate remote work, we won’t tell if you sneak in a little nap – as long as you get your work done.