SleepEZ Family History

A message from the Founder

It is with the deepest sense of gratitude that we welcome you to our online home, and we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for allowing us the honor to be of service to you. As custodians of a third-generation, family-owned endeavor, we take immense pride in being a direct mattress manufacturer nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Our ethos is simple, yet profound: quality, service, and value.

With a legacy stretching across 47 years, our journey has been nurtured by the unwavering support of patrons who have become a part of our extended family. My personal expedition within this industry, spanning three decades, began humbly on the factory floor, engaging in every facet of crafting a mattress that embodies excellence. Throughout this voyage, there has been one consistent thread binding us together—the unwavering commitment to placing quality above all else. As you explore the tapestry of our journey through the narratives of our reviews and testimonials, we hope this dedication radiates.

At our core, we hold the belief that the most precious gift we can offer is “value.” It’s a notion that resonates deeply within our hearts, one that we believe will echo through time, shaping our legacy in the hearts of those we’ve been fortunate enough to serve.

About our Family

Allow us to introduce our family to yours – the ever-energetic Isabella, nurturing soul Jennifer shaping young minds, our dynamo Melody conquering sports arenas, and yours truly, Shawn, a firm believer in the power of family bonds.

Our story unfurls in the remarkable year of 1966 when Joe Wolfe laid the foundation of Wolfe Manufacturing. Born from a new chapter after his endeavors in the world of home building, this venture took shape as a distributor of mattresses to hotels and retail outlets across the Southwest.

In 1974, with an academic background in accounting and a flair for marketing, Larry entered the mattress industry. Armed with dedication and vision, he delved deep, starting from scratch, constructing mattresses with his own hands. The ethos of hands-on commitment was sown in him, a philosophy he passed down to Shawn. In 1976, he carried forth this legacy, founding Paradise Bedding, later acquiring the revered Sleep EZ name in 1976, marking a pivotal milestone in his journey. The year 1982 bore witness to the establishment of Sleep EZ retail stores, proudly showcasing the venerable “Sleep EZ” brand, a name that had first graced the market in 1935.

As the years flowed, 1992 witnessed our transformative shift towards crafting latex mattresses, ultimately becoming our specialty. A pivotal moment arrived in 1998 when Sleep EZ ventured into the virtual world, harnessing the power of the internet, specializing in latex mattresses. Today, we stand tall as a beacon in this realm, celebrated leaders in the domain of latex mattress innovation.

Every stitch, every decision, every leap we’ve taken has been driven by our unwavering belief in family values. Our journey, our shared narrative, is a testament to this core principle, and it is with open hearts that we extend our story to intertwine with yours.

Joe & Mary Wolfe

Larry Wolfe

Jennifer | Shawn | Larry | Stella | Melody

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