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Sleep EZ Family History

Letter from Shawn

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We are a third generation, family owned, factory direct mattress manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona. Our business model is very basic and can be stated as, quality, service, price.

As one of the oldest independent mattress manufacturers in the United States we have thrived with support of our loyal customers for the past 47 years. My 30 years in this industry started in the factory from the ground up in all phases of designing and making a quality mattress. But, the one thread that always runs through the company is dedication to quality first. I hope that is apparent as you read our reviews and testimonials. Our underlying feeling is that the most important product we deliver is "value", for that is ultimately how we will be judged and remembered.



Shawn and family. Isabella the youngest, Jennifer a sixth grade teacher in the Phoenix school system, Melody our 9 year old soccer and basketball star, and "family first", Shawn.

Joe Wolfe started Wolfe Manufacturing in 1966 as a wholesale distributor of mattresses to retail stores and hotels in the Southwest. It was a second career after semi-retirement as one of the largest home builders in the U.S.

Larry, with a major in accounting and marketing background, joined the mattress industry in 1974. He purchased mattress equipment and began building mattresses from the ground up. Larry believes the hands-on approach is a necessary asset and passed that along to Shawn. He opened a manufacturing facility as Paradise Bedding to service existing customers of Wolfe Manufacturing, and acquired the Sleep EZ name in 1976 which became his trademark "mattress line". In 1982 he opened Sleep EZ retail stores in the Phoenix area, promoting the long standing "Sleep EZ" brand which was first introduced in 1935.

In 1992 the company moved into manufacturing latex mattress, which eventually became its area of specialty. In 1998, Sleep EZ entered the internet market, specializing in latex mattresses, and today is one of the foremost leaders in that area.

Joe & Mary Wolfe


Jennifer, Shawn, Larry, Stella, Melody