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Warranty Info

Latex Manufacturer Warranty

Our Natural & Organic Select Sleep mattresses, and other products are covered unconditionally in the case of manufacturing defects by our manufacturer's guarantee, excluding shipping costs.


Certain items are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty because they are natural properties of latex. These can happen naturally and are not issues regarding manufacturing or product quality.

  • Air voids or small cracks/tears (less than 3 inches)
  • Discoloration or yellowing of the latex
  • Using an inappropriate foundation

A proper mattress foundation is essential in caring for your latex mattress. Any foundation with slats 3 inches or less apart, or adjustable base will work well for your latex mattress. Spring foundations or foundations with slats wider than 3 inches apart will void the manufacturer warranty, as they can damage the latex mattress.

Not Covered

These items are not covered and will void the manufacturer warranty.

  • Damage caused by spills, burns, accidents, mold, or other acts of nature
  • Cover misusage, laundering, or normal wear and tear


If you still believe that you have an issue with your latex mattress, please contact our customer care specialists, and they would be happy to solve any issues you may have.

A receipt showing proof of purchase is required for returns or warranty exchanges.

Our customer service specialists will make the final determination regarding repairing or replacing your mattress. The warranty will not be renewed or extended following product replacement or repair.

20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Select Sleep Latex Mattress is the only mattress covered by our 20 year warranty. Other product warranty info is available below.

Natural & Organic Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ will unconditionally cover against manufacturing defects in the latex for the first ten (10) years, and the customer covers the shipping costs.

After 10+ Years

After 10 years the warranty includes a pro-rated cost to repair or replace the latex components. A repair or replacement in the 11th Year will cost 50% of the original mattress price. Every year after that will cost an additional 5% of the cost (12th year = 55%; 13th year = 60%).

Cotton & Wool Covers

The cotton and wool cover is only covered for one year, and will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of our staff.

10 Year Warranty

Products Covered

The following products are covered under our 10 year manufacturer's warranty:

1 Year Warranty

Products Covered

The following products are covered under our 1 year manufacturer's warranty: