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Select Sleep Hybrid

The Select Sleep Hybrid latex mattress delivers incredible comfort at an incredible value. Now you can experience the healthy benefits and superior comfort qualities of natural latex over individual coils at a price that will let you sleep well at night.

  • Flippable Two-sided comforts
  • 5” of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex - 3” Soft Dunlop on Top - 2” Firm Dunlop on Bottom
  • Bolsa ComfortCore 8" Pocketed Coils
  • Quantum Elite Edge Pocketed Coils
  • New Zealand Joma Wool
  • Organic Cotton Cover
MSRP: $1,401.00
Sale: $1,099.00

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How much does this mattress weigh?
90 lbs.
Twin XL
90 lbs.
125 lbs.
125 lbs.
Eastern King
190 lbs.
California King
190 lbs.
What’s the difference between the 360 Hybrid and the regular Hybrid?
Unlike the standard hybrid mattress, the 360 hybrid mattress has a zipper that allows you to access the top 3 inches of latex. You can choose the type of latex, as well as the firmness for it. You can also split the firmness to have a different firmness for each side of the mattress. The 360 hybrid has a top panel that is button-tufted for a more luxurious feel and look. You can exchange the top layer of latex within the first 90 days.
What is the coil count?
Twin XL
Eastern King
California King
What is the gauge of the coils?
The coils in the Hybrid are 16 gauge in the center, and 15 gauge around the edges.
What type of foundation can I use with this mattress?
Anything solid and sturdy will work just fine. The only types of foundations you want to avoid are slatted foundations where the gaps are more than 3" apart or box springs (with actual springs in them) that are 8 years old or more. Latex foam is a naturally breathable, open celled product and a slatted foundation is not necessary for the mattress to sleep cool. A slatted foundation will enhance the breathability but certainly isn't necessary because the mattress will breath on all exposed sides. If you live in a very high humidity area, a slatted foundation will reduce the chances of getting mold on the mattress cover.
How do returns work for the Hybrid?
We provide a 90-day return policy with a $99 return fee, and we ask that you donate the mattress to a local charity and send us the donation receipt. You can keep the free pillows as a thank you for ordering with Sleep EZ. Please contact us at 1-800-710-9846 or [email protected] to initiate a return.
How do I choose between the Hybrid, Roma, and Natural / Organic mattresses?
Generally speaking, our organic and natural mattresses are highly customizable and highly adjustable for softness, firmness, back support, pressure relief, etc. We have a high success rate with our initial recommendations, so adjustments are usually unnecessary. The Roma and Hybrid mattresses are enclosed and quilted on both sides, with the option to flip for a different level of firmness. The Roma and Hybrids are ideal for people under 240 pounds, and the Hybrid is an excellent choice for people who prefer a springier feel and more edge support. For more firmness options in a latex and coil Hybrid, the 360 Pillowtop Hybrid has a customizable top 3" of latex and a button-tufted cover for a plusher feel. For a more detailed explanation on the differences between our different mattresses, please see our main FAQ page here
How do I tell which side is the softer side?
If the word "Hybrid" that's stitched on the side of the mattress is upright then the softer side is facing up. If the word Hybrid is upside-down then the softer side is facing down.
Which coils do we use?
The perimeter coils are the Quantum Edge Elite coils and the inner coils are the Bolsa coils.
Does the mattress have any glue?
Yes, the mattress has some glue that helps keep the components in place. We use a non-toxic water-based glue that is GreenGuard certified against harmful chemicals and off-gassing.
Is there a weight limit for the Hybrid?
For proper support and longevity of the Hybrid, we recommend 230-240 lbs or under per sleeper. Please add this question and answer to the 360 Hybrid page, and you can take out the question “What type of foundation can I use with this mattress?” if you need to for space considerations.

The Best Latex Hybrid in America

This is one of the most incredible mattresses we have built in the past 43 years. At 14" high, it features two different comforts, medium plush and firm - simply by turning it over. We build every mattress with all-natural components, keeping your healthy sleep foremost in our mind.

It has 3" of natural latex on plush top, and 2" of natural latex on the firm side, exceeding any similar mattress in the US. The quilted cover, (on both sides) is made from organic cotton and quilted to New Zealand Joma wool. At the heart of this world-class mattress are 1188 Elite pocket coils with reinforced edge support. The motion isolating coils expand your sleeping surface and eliminate any rolling effect, commonly found in name brand mattresses at three times the price.

Perfect Marriage with Adjustable Foundations

Mattresses used with adjustable foundations need to contour to the base when raising the head or foot. Our Select Sleep latex hybrid gently adjusts to any featured position your foundation offers. Our iSleepEZ adjustable includes a wireless remote, one-touch flat button, and more, and makes an excellent choice toward a more healthy sleep experience.

Natural Latex Rubber

Bolsa ComfortCore Coils

Quantum Edge Elite Coils

Joma Wool & Organic Cotton

90 Night Trial
10 Year Warranty

Free Shipping

Ships in a Box
Within 2 Business Days

Measurements & Dimensions

38 x 75
Twin XL
38 x 80
54 x 75
60 x 80
76 x 80
Cal. King
72 x 84

Country of Origin

Designed and assembled in the USA


10-year limited warranty.

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We ship via Fed Ex in the United States from our warehouse located in Phoenix, AZ

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