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Natural Latex Mattress

  • 100% Natural Dunlop
  • 100% Natural Cotton & Premium New Zealand Joma Wool Knit Cover
  • 2 Free Pillows w/ King, Queen Full,1 Free Pillow w/Twin
  • In-Home Comfort Adjustability
  • Split Side Firmness Customization
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Sale: $1,449.00

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Is the latex blended or does it contain any man-made rubber?
We don't sell blended latex, thus all of our latex is created from 100% natural rubber harvested from a rubber tree. Natural fatty acids, natural soaps, and natural reinforcing agents are used to make the final product, which ends up at 98 percent pure rubber.
What are the distinctions between the Natural and Organic lines?
The Organic line's cover is organic cotton & wool. In regards to the latex, the Organic line's Dunlop is organic Dunlop and the Talalay is made with only 100 percent natural latex from an actual rubber tree. We have the organic line available for customers that want their mattress to be as "green" and natural as possible. If this doesn't sound like you, or if you don’t want any Talalay in the mattress, then I would save some money and go with the Natural line. The Natural line's cover is natural cotton & wool. In regards to the latex, the Natural line's Dunlop is 100 percent natural and the Natural line also does not have the option for Talalay. The Natural line is for customers who want only Dunlop latex or a bit more of an inexpensive option.
How does organic Dunlop differ from natural Dunlop?
When it comes to Dunlop latex, organic latex isn’t much different compared to Dunlop latex that is only 100 percent natural. The organic certification for latex stipulates that less water is used in the production process, less power is utilized, the manufacturing plant has a smaller carbon footprint, it has a lower environmental effect, and other requirements. It simply verifies that the latex is better for the environment and the workers, but the end product is the same whether the latex is 100 percent natural or organic. They all share the same characteristics in terms of feel, durability, and so on. This is why there is no organic Talalay available anywhere on the planet as The Talalay process is more complicated and uses more water and electricity. and involves more steps, and Talalay manufacturers simply cannot achieve the organic latex certification's reduced water and electricity usage requirements.
How does Talalay differ from Dunlop?
Talalay is more bouncy and springy, and it contours and relieves pressure better on your hips and shoulders. Our most popular arrangement is Talalay for the top layer and Dunlop for the bottom two layers since Dunlop is denser and harder and is generally better at supporting and maintaining appropriate spinal alignment. For customers with fibromyalgia, shingles, chronic hip pain, chronic shoulder pain, or anything else where they're sensitive to pressure, or just like a bouncier / springier sensation, we'll prescribe Talalay for two or more layers. Outside of those circumstances, a mix of Talalay and Dunlop gives the ordinary person the best chance of success.
What are the differences between the 7”, 9”, 10”, and 13” mattresses?
We have the 7" for customers that prefer a firm mattress or a lower profile. We have the 13" for customers that weigh over 300 pounds or want a thicker mattress. As such, our 9" and 10" mattresses are our most popular. The top layer (which is normally the softest layer) in the 9” is only 2” thick, whereas the top layer in the 10” is 3” thick. As such, the 9" is a bit more supportive & a bit firmer while the 10" offers a bit more contour and pressure relief for your hips and shoulders than the 9".
How accurate are the recommendations made by the mattress configurator?
Please remember that our initial recommendations have a 90% success rate (we only have a 10% layer exchange rate and a 3% -4 percent return rate), therefore there's a 90% probability that the recommendation will work wonderfully for you.
How long will it take for the mattress to be delivered?
Our mattresses typically ship in 1-2 business days and are delivered to you between 2-5 business days, depending on where you reside. All Cal King sizes, as well as Cal. King and Eastern King mattresses with a non-split Talalay layer will take an additional 1-2 business days to ship.
With this mattress, what kind of base may I use?
Anything strong and solid will suffice (including adjustable bases). The only foundations you should avoid are slatted foundations with gaps of more than 3" and box springs (with genuine springs). Because latex foam is a naturally breathable, open-celled material, it does not require a slatted foundation to keep the mattress cool. Although a slatted base will improve breathability, it is not required because the mattress will breathe on both exposed sides. A slatted base will lessen the chances of mold on the mattress cover if you reside in a high-humidity environment.
In the mattress, what kind of fire barrier is there?
No chemical flame retardants are added or used in any way. The 1" of wool in our cotton & wool cover works as a natural fire barrier, as well as regulating temperature and wicking away moisture.
If my layers are split will I be able to feel it?
About 95% of our mattresses are shipped with all split layers from top to bottom, and we receive no complaints about being able to feel the split or the layers shifting etc. If all of your layers are split, you'll be able to change your side without impacting your partner's side, and vice versa, for the duration of the mattress's 20-year lifespan. Additionally, the mattress will be easier to build, rearrange if necessary, do layer exchanges if necessary, and return if necessary. There are no drawbacks to having all layers split. Of course, this is your mattress, and you are free to order it in whatever way you want with all solid layers, all split layers, or a combination!
Does the mattress have to air out before it can be used?
Right out of the box, the mattress is ready to use. Due to the fact that latex does not "off-gas" and is a highly durable material, there is no "off-gassing" phase and the mattress will spring back to its original size and shape immediately after unpacking.
What is the edge support like on this mattress?
The best way to express it is that our mattresses provide more edge support than memory foam but less edge support than a spring mattress.



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As a true factory direct company with 45 years of experience, we eliminate middle-man markups and bring substantial savings to our customers. The most important thing we deliver is "value". Our products and services are never compromised; we believe in providing customers with high-quality mattresses without having to pay the price. We are known for our affordable rates, great customer service, and most importantly, creating the nation’s best natural latex mattress.

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For decades, all-latex mattresses have been recognized as a luxury, known for their superior comfort, support, and feel.
Naturally Adaptive

Hidden inside latex is the secret to its adaptability and comfort. The natural and unique cell structure of the material allows latex to be flexible and envelop your body, while still supporting your body. The structure also provides relief for primary pressure points throughout the night.


The natural properties of latex layers allow air to flow naturally in the mattress. Latex whisks away moisture and regulates your temperature throughout the night, without trapping heat like traditional mattresses.










Carefully open all boxes and find the bundle labeled "Cover". Carefully undo the plastic wrap with a sharp object and lay bottom cover on bed, ready to receive mattress layers.


Carefully unwrap latex layers, allowing them to fully inflate. Arrange layers within bottom cover according to your firmness preference.


Zip top cover to bottom cover, tucking in the flaps as you work your way around the mattress. Congratulations, you're done!

Family Owned Since 1976

SleepEZ is the leading latex mattress factory in the nation. If you are looking for a better night’s sleep, our natural latex mattress is your solution. The natural latex mattress is completely customizable for both you and your partner. WIth the ability to choose your comfort, split layers, and add on an adjustable base for ultimate relaxation, we can guarantee satisfaction and great sleep for years to come when you choose our natural latex mattress.


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If you don't love your latex mattress, you always have the opportunity to exchange a layer or return for a refund within 90 days less a $99 return fee. Layer exchanges are $30 for the first time, and full shipping cost for any exchanges after the first one.

If you don't love your latex mattress, you always have the opportunity to exchange a layer or return for a refund within 90 days. Layer exchanges are $30 for the first time, and full shipping cost for any exchanges after the first one.


As a family-owned business for over 40 years, Sleep EZ's mission is to ensure that our customers get the perfect night's rest they deserve. When we joined the internet in 1998, we brought our vision of the perfect online shopping experience.

Almost two decades later, our trained sleep experts help customers daily by finding a mattress solution that works best for them.


Harvested in Sri Lanka, 100% Natural Latex is collected by tapping the latex rubber tree (known as Hevea Brasilensis) for the raw latex contained inside. The trees can produce latex for up to 25-30 years without harming the tree, after which it gets replaced with a new sapling. This sustainable process makes latex a natural, green source for sleeping exceptionally.






The Roma Latex Mattress is covered unconditionally in the case of manufacturing defects by our 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, excluding shipping costs. This warranty includes a full replacement for the first 10 years for any issue that qualifies as a manufacturer's defect.