Advantages of Natural Latex

Advantages of Natural Latex

Natural latex is five times denser than polyurethane foam. You’ve probably heard the message “you should replace your mattress every eight years.” This message is only true for beds containing polyurethane foam, which accounts for roughly 90% of all mattresses manufactured worldwide.Natural latex will last twice as long, in fact, it will last longer than any other component on the market. While it will initially cost more than a mattress with polyurethane foam, in the long run, natural latex mattresses are one of the most cost effective beds available.

The manufacturing processes that create natural latex cause a cell structure that can easily contour, quickly return to its original form, and continue to do so for an incredibly long time even with extended use. Natural latex foam was introduced over 70 years ago, and since then, no synthetic foam has been able to emulate it perfectly. The unique properties of latex aresomething that set it apart from other  mattress materials.

Synthetic foams all suffer from the same trade-off dilemma. When creating a synthetic foam the more contouring you make the foam, the harder it is to spring back to its original form. The closer you get to making it retain its original form, the less contouring it becomes.

Latex foam has naturally occurring features that do not suffer from this trade-off. This property has proven nearly impossible to emulate. To learn more about the processes used in making latex read our article how latex is made.

Healthy Sleep and Proper Support

During the process of making latex foam, the latex is washed to remove allergens and impurities. This process makes the latex anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. This washing process also makes latex mattresses helpful for allergy sufferers.

A latex mattress composed of a series of 3″ layers prevents spine depression while still providing an unparalleled comfort range. Having a softer layer on top and a firmer layer underneath creates an enveloping effect that also provides excellent lumbar support.

The flexibility of natural latex comes from its unique cell structure; it helps envelop shoulders and hips ensuring relief and proper spinal alignment. Its flexibility also contributes to its movement absorbing properties. This flexibility helps promote immobility while sleeping and serves to reduce the amount of motion transfer to your sleeping partner.

Sleep EZ Latex Mattresses

Here at Sleep EZ, we build our mattresses out of 3″ natural latex layers, and a zippered mattress  cover. Unlike most of our competitors, this allows you to customize the mattress after purchase. From support layers in the bottom to the comfort layers on the top. This rare customizability allows you to build a mattress that gives you exactly the right support and exactly the right “feel” you need. The zippered mattress cover means that your chosen configuration is not permanent, if it’s not correct you can fix it quickly and affordably.

Take a look at our Organic Latex Mattress models to see how you can build a perfect mattress designed just for you.