Discover the Comfort of Sleep EZ Mattresses: Your Key to a Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep EZ is an industry leading mattress store conveniently located in Tempe, Arizona. Rated number one in organic and natural latex mattresses, customers have the ability to shop online or in store for their perfect mattress. With a Sleep EZ showroom in Tempe, anyone in the valley can easily come touch, feel, and take home their dream mattress. When you buy a mattress with Sleep EZ, you’re giving your body and mind the comfort it deserves.

About Sleep EZ

With over 47 years in the mattress business, Sleep EZ is a third generation, family owned, factory direct, quality mattress company. With value at our core, we will not compromise our products for profit. Instead, we offer the highest quality of certified natural and organic latex mattresses that can be completely customized for each sleeper. Although we specialize in latex, we also offer the “online only” bed in a box mattresses by brands such as Casper or Leesa which can also be previewed and purchased in our Tempe showroom.

In addition to being able to test a wide variety of mattresses in our showroom, once you make your selection, Sleep EZ is certain you will love your choice and offers a risk free 90 day trial guarantee. Not only will your body rest easy, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that your latex mattress is made with the highest of quality and standards.

Why Choose a Latex Mattress?

Since 1976, Sleep EZ has been rated number one in latex mattresses and for good reason. With over 9 certifications confirming natural and organic standards are upheld, Sleep EZ is certified according to GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and Eco Wool to name a few. Latex mattresses offer a variety of features to ensure you sleep with ease:

    • Comfort and Support: Because latex is a natural material made from rubber trees, it is extremely comfortable as it conforms to the body and helps relive pressure points while supporting the hips, shoulders, and back. With options available in Dunlop latex for a firmer mattress or Talalay latex for a softer mattress, these materials can be interchanged to meet anyones needs.
    • Regulates Temperature: Having a breathable mattress that helps promote body temperature is key for getting optimal and more restful sleep. Our latex mattresses offer natural properties along with spaced perforations to create a breathable sleeping surface while drawing moisture away from the body.
    • Adaptive: Latex has a natural cell structure that creates flexibility to contour to your body while still offering support and durability. Not only will latex hold up over time, it also has enough structure to prevent movement from transmitting to other sleep partners. This means better sleep for all.

Peace of Mind With Sleep EZ

We want our customers to feel confident and excited in their purchase! When you visit our Tempe mattress showroom, not only can you meet with knowledgable staff to learn more about our selections, but you can also preview our mattresses so you can buy with confidence. Our latex mattresses are:

    • Natural, Sustainable, and Organic: Not only will you get an unmatched mattress from Sleep EZ, but you can also trust the quality to be certified natural or organic. From sourcing sustainably, using materials free of harmful chemicals, and manufacturing to Global Organic Latex Standard regulations, customers can be certain they are purchasing a safe, natural, and restful mattress.
    • Customizable: Although you purchase one mattress, you are really making an investment for long-term, restful sleep. Your mattress can be configured to your preferences for a soft, medium, or firm feel made of 100% Dunlop or Talalay latex. Customers can choose a different firmness for each layer of their mattress and this can be reconfigured as your needs change over time.
      • For example you can have a firm latex layer on top and a medium layer in the middle, but these can be rearranged as you wish for firmer or softer sleep. Instead, we offer the highest quality of certified natural latex mattresses and organic latex mattresses that can be completely customized for each sleeper.

In addition to being able to customize the layers of your mattress, you can also configure the left and right side to fit the comfort levels of each individual sleeper. If you like a firmer sleeping surface and your partner likes a softer sleeping surface, then perhaps your top layer will be the firmer 100% Dunlop latex and your partners top layer will be the softer Talalay latex.

Family owned, Sleep EZ won’t compromise quality for profits. Not only can you get a comfortable and breathable mattress for a more restful sleep, but you can also customize the latex layers to match each sleepers comfort. Made with certified organic and natural products, you can rest easy with Sleep EZ.